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This Website has three basic purposes:

  • To share who I am.
  • To share and exchange information and ideas.
  • To make friends along life's journey.


    There are many people who come into our lives and touch us in a special way.  There are also a special few who come into our lives and touch us without our ever meeting.  Recently we have lost just such a person.  His name was Charles Schulz and his comics and cartoons have long touched our hearts and minds.  He helped to bring joy and excitement to many lives.  His work (Peanuts) spoke volumes to us about despair, yet it also taught us that in despair, we are not alone.  (Ever notice how the kids in Peanuts could NEVER understand what any of the adults were saying?
    Isn't that how all kids feel?  Who couldn't relate to Charlie Brown every time Lucy pulled away that football, or every time he missed a softball or a pitch...  Or his hopelessness over never getting The Little Red-Haired Girl's attention?)  He will be missed and his work will live on in our hearts forever.

    Charles Schulz Comic

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