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I am ChorneyVolk, formerly found at The Werewolf Registry and at Sugar Quill, and also
Professor Khasczjhanskaya, formerly found on Diagon Alley. As these noms-de-plume might
imply, I am an American of primarily Russian decent. As is seen clearly in my work, I
speak a number of languages - and several dialects of these languages - besides my
native American English: Russian, Latin, French, some 'Mandarin' Chinese (a/k/a 'National
Language' Chinese), some German, good Jamaican Patois, and reasonably good British English
and British English slang.

I no longer frequent the Harry Potter fandom websites, primarily due to changes in my
personal life and restructuring other hobbies and responsibilities. I don't write much fan
fiction any longer, although I do occasionally work a bit on my open fics and
I do hope to finish them some day. That day just won't be anytime soon,
sadly. Nevertheless, I do hope you enjoy the stories I've written. They were written
with love, a great love for J.K. Rowling's characters, and in gratitude to her both
for sharing them and their world with us all, and also for so graciously
allowing us all to play in her universe as she does. I have found
immense joy in writing my stories, and in reading other fans' works, and none of
us would be able to enjoy these pleasures if J.K. were not so generous.

Thank you, Ms. Rowling, and thank you, my husband, and my dear friends, who have
helped me to write and perfect these stories. And thank you, Readers, too, for whom
I have written these stories.
What a rush to get such wonderful fan mail as I've received over the years!

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