Our Family

My husband Lou and I have been married for nine years. He is a
native of North Jersey and has lived here most of his life.

Lou is a computer consultant who writes custom software primarily
for mid sized and larger sized companies. He was, in his first
career, a chemist, but changed careers around the time he turned
thirty years old.  He worked as a chemist in a water treatment
facility and also in the nuclear power industry.

He enjoys most of the same hobbies that I do except for the "grunt-
work" part of the sewing, hunting, ice fishing and collecting stuffed
animals.  He can read Runes (which I can't) but cannot scry or
read palms, nor is he as proficient as I am with the tarot.  He is
also not as much of an outdoorsman as I am.

Lou is a man of many musical talents and can play a number
of musical instruments with ease.  These days, he primarily plays the
flute, various bamboo flutes, the fife, the recorder, classical guitar
and some violin.  He used to play bass viol (aka the bass fiddle or
the bass) but he no longer does, as he finds it increasingly difficult
to carry it about.


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