All About Stephanie


I am 40 years old.  I have always lived in the mid-Atlantic region.
I grew up in the upper Northeast section of Philadelphia, PA.  I lived 
for a few years on Staten Island, NY.  I now live in Northern NJ. 

My original career was Radiologic Technology, and I worked in that 
field for twelve years.  My second career was Homemaking.  In 
addition to that, I worked in several types of Direct Sales and 
Marketing.  I am now in a third career as well:  Business 
Consulting.  I now help smaller and mid-sized companies set up 
various types of Sales Departments/Units.  I also have a small, but 
ever growing, e-commerce business. 

My hobbies include:   Living history/reenactment, historical 
costuming, theatrical costuming, theatrical set design, theatrical 
performance, costume and clothing design, singing, scrying, tarot 
cards, palmistry, swimming, hiking through woods or in the 
mountains, bird- and wild animal- watching,  primitive camping, 
hunting, ice fishing, muzzle loader/black powder shooting, 
collecting muzzle loading pistols and rifles,  creating various 
documents via desktop publishing, dabbling in the stock market, 
flying kites, cooking and baking, and collecting unusual stuffed 

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