Stephanie's Travel Tips

Packing With Ease (Tips)

1) Make a list of EVERY LITTLE THING you intend to bring with you on your trip. When completed,
     set list aside for 24 hours.
2) Re-read list. Remove items that you feel may be unnecessary. Add anything that you forgot when
     generating your list initially.
3) Rewrite list so as to have a 'clean' copy. Make 2 copies of this list.
4) As you pack your suitcase(s) check off each item as you place it in the suitcase. Also pack the
     second copy of the list in the suitcase.
5) Keep the first list (the checked list) in your handbag or pocket with your person if you are traveling
     via airplane. This way, if the airline should misplace your luggage, you have a handy complete
     reference to use while filling out the claim forms.
6) After your trip, when you are packing to return home, use the second list (the unchecked list) in the
     same manor as the first. Remember to add any souvenirs that you have acquired in your journeys to
     the list. Keep this list on your person for the return trip.
7) After your arrival home while unpacking you bags, make sure to note any items brought but not
     used on this trip (maybe they can be deleted form future lists). Also note any items that you wished
     you had brought with you on your trip.
8) Save a copy of this new revised list in your suitcase, a drawer or some other place where you will
     not have to go crazy looking for it, for future use.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Please remember NEVER to put medicines, jewelry, valuables or anything
                                        irreplaceable in any checked luggage!!
I always pack an extra empty soft side bag or duffel bag (or two) to use on my return trip for
souvenirs, etc. that I've purchased during my trip.

I have also been known, on occasion, to send home (via UPS ground) our dirty clothes in order
to make room for such souvenirs.


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